Legend Voting Results

No need to waste time with introductions.

S/M Army Legends

Lenco- 59%

122344a- 60%

Kingfunks4- 46%


Cul- 63%

Rex- 37%

ATM- 48%

Ganger- 35%

Tymatt- 35%

Vetsd- 51%

Andre9575- 27%

Shadowstar- 33%

Trackdude- 25%

Totidile- 26%

Coolster114- 57%

Step Up 646- 33%

Keith09- 45%

Pahi8- 19%

Bepboy9- 48%

SMAC Staff Legends

Splasher99- 83%

Jake- 58%

I’d said that you need 60%. However, I’ve changed my mind. Riotors used 50% last time we had inductions, and 60% is much higher than 50 (but 50 is too low a number). Therefore, you will need 55% to become legend.

The people that made it to legend are:






I’d like someone (preferably a Secondary Head/Head Reporter who know a lot about these people) to add these people on the Legends page and write descriptions for them. Thank you.

The Legends Committee

It’s too late for this one, but I think here’s how it should work.

The Legends Committee should NOT be the people who decides who gets legend. However, they should instead be the committee that screens the list of people who are nominated for legends. Say, the LC would decide whether the nominated person would pass into the votings.

I’d like to know what you think, however.

That’s it for today.


SMAC Head of Site

45 Responses

  1. Cool I like the Results

  2. So uh… no Tootsie? *tear*

    • how r u a legend

      • Lol, I meant for the staff. And how are you a legend? All the armies you’ve lead have failed. Lmao.

        • haha how funny u been in cp armies less then a year and u consider ur self a legend

          • For the last time, I’m talking about SMAC STAFF, do you read? I’ve been in SMAC for a while now -_-

  3. Random people shouldn’t be voting for legend.

  4. I got 57%.. yet i’m not a Legend. Nice.

    • Everyone else who got above 55% did.

      • I also believe Cul got more than the 55%, as it is stated in this post.

        • Shoot, I’d thought I missed someone.

          • Thank you :D

  5. Superoo approves.

  6. I could write them, being the veteran I am. Splasher find me on chat xat.com/theromansofclubpenguin

  7. Uhh No Maks? What kind of shiz is this? *WARY*

  8. Also, ever notice Ganger has barely lead small armies. and Funks either. So are these voters stupid? Same with Track. And Vetsd hasen’t lead a good small/medium army since late 2010, which today is considered CPAC material -.-

  9. i thought we were going to redo the votes and inductions because people kept spamming on chats for people to vote for them *wary*….
    Thats why I thought we started the legends comitee so then they can decide the real legends in small and medium armies..

  10. Also I’m not saying the people who made the legends aren’t legends. It’s people like Andre who were more well known 1-2 years ago… So then the legends committee should know famous people at least 3 years ago..

  11. Coolster is not a legend.

    • And neither are the others.

      • At least I lead various Small and Medium armies to success, and became a Legend in them. Most of the other Legends have done nothing more than what I have done so.

        • Being a legend in a army dosen’t mean your a legend in the S/M Army community. And also, you had other people leading with you, so it dosen’t mean you were the reason the army rised. Other people skills as used to. And many legends voted also done the exact thing as you.

          • I won’t bother arguing, as I never put myself forward as a candidate, nor did I even vote on the results. In fact, I did not even see the poll post.

        • to fails. FGR, Warriors, and like 40 more. To success? Lmao

          • Warriors? I never lead the WCP.

            • you led a fail generation like a month ago.

              • No, that was not my army, I was just advising them.

              • No, that was not my army, I was just advising them. Oh, and that was the CPW, not the WCP.

                • This is why there should be a legends committee , the people who choose legends because then they would know what people did through out their army career that others don’t know…. Also then there wouldn’t be too many “fake votes.” For voting we should comment on who we think deserves legends? But then again I guess people could use fake emails… e_e

      • Lenco and 122344a are.

  12. Cul, although a good friend of mine, certainly does not deserve legendary status yet. I suggest all legends voted in go through re-voting from the Legends Committee. However, SMAC Staff Legends should be voted on.

    • I agree with Kool. Cul is a great guy, though I dont know whether hes ready to be a legend, and to be considered one.

      • Kool, if you still want to do it for this one, you have my permission.

  13. Who the hell is Lenco?

    • Creator of the Croatian army Metal Warriors.

  14. Please let me screen legends, ’cause I believe I’m one of the only sane people on deciding this stuff, just leave everything to me. N.B Next to nobody will become legends.

  15. I love how Kingfunks got less than 50% even though he did more than almost everyone up there, and I’m not talking about CPAC.

  16. LENCO WOO HOO I LOVE YOU MAN!!! Btw Hajduk Split lost vs Skonto 1-0 :), but Hajduk won by agregate :(. So that means that Hajduk is moving on in the UEFA.

  17. I disagree STRONGLY with Cul being added as a Legend. I say the Legends Committee should have final say in who gets legend and who does not. For example, Hurricanex1 and Commando993.

  18. I still don’t think people should vote on Legends. Being a legend is something people just know you are. For example, I’ve been in armies for about 2 and a half years. Due to GD’s history of monthly drops and/or rises, I’ve experienced all sizes. I would think legends I should have at least HEARD of. I’ve heard of about half the people applying, but I do know of who won. *shrug*

  19. I disagree with polls, there should be a commitee, the most liked will get auto legend -.-

  20. No Brave? Oh well. *Shrugs*

    • Because people like you work very hard, and no one even notices you..

  21. I will be creating a Legends Committee chat room

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