Returning to Activity

I am officially retired from all armies, and I’m now fully focused on SMAC.

Day 2 Results

List of Armies in the Summer Games/Events

Splash: Kool, Alex check staff site. Urgent. Everyone else: a big post from me is coming soon.

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Tuxedo 2012 Summer Games

Official Chat:

Note: If your large/close to large army, not on this list and would like to join, find this same post on Continue reading

The First IAL Title/Under Revision

Alright, the tournament results are in. First, for the 3rd Place Battle results:

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Legends Committee Signups

It is now a 6 person Legends Committee. Spots are filled!

As proposed to me by Vetsd to me on Xat, there will be a five person Legends Committee to decide who is a legend, due to voter bias.

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IAL Conference Finals Results/IAL Finals Times

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IAL Summer Showdown Conference Finals Predictions

Hello readers, I felt like writing some predictions to humor you. It is filled with estimates based on recent facts in the tournament. NOW READ IT OR I EAT YOUR FINGERS!

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Medium Top Ten 07/02/12

Splasher: Festival of Philosophy has been postponed to one week after the next.

Posts to read:

The SMAC Clash for Control 2012

Reintroducing …

Conference Semifinals Results/Conference Finals Times

The Festival of Philosophy- Submit a Post!

Hey guys, I’m back with another Top Ten! Yet another closely competed Medium Top Ten is coming your way, with a lot of new armies. Can you handle it?

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Conference Semifinals Results/Conference Finals Times

#1 Sky Troops defeat #5 Army Union
#2 Watex Warriors defeat #6 Water Raiders
#8 Shadow Troops defeat #5 Purple Heads
#2 Pretzels defeat #3 CP Union Continue reading

Medium Top 10 06/25/12

My next Top Ten will be on July 2nd, 2012 hopefully.

Since the Top Ten hasn’t been done in ten days, I figured I’d do the top ten this week. The spots were very closely contested, and some armies barely missed the cut. Get ready for your mind to explode! Continue reading

Conference Quarterfinals Results [CONF. SEMIS TIMES HERE]

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Week 5 Results/Playoffs Conference Quarterfinals Times

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Week 4 Results/Week 5 Times

Staff Activity Warnings

Another week goes by, and there are no undefeated teams left! Next week, we are heading into the last week of the regular season. How exciting! First, let’s see the results of this week. Continue reading


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