SMAC Evaluation Week [Staff Must Read]

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SMAA and CPPA Fight on Hockey | Waterkid Steps Down | War Analysis

The CPPA raid Hockey, and following the battle 1ic Waterkid steps down. This post updates you on how the war is progressing. Continue reading

The CPPA’s ‘Order 67′: An Analysis [OPINION]

Is the CPPA’s Order 67 something to worry about, or is it no big threat? Continue reading

The Retirement of Splasher99

It’s time for me to say goodbye.
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Introducing Musically Appetizing

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CPWI is Back!

CPWI’s Back!

Reporter Feedback

Reporters, please read.

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Reporters: Introduction and Conclusion

Edit: Someone needs to get the top tens going. 

 So, I hate being bossy and trying to control every aspect of your reporting, but there’s something I want to talk about for the reporters. Continue reading

Introducing Editors

Staff who are not on Staff Site, please comment on this post.

Today I’m introducing a new role to the SMAC site. Continue reading

CP Army Reporter Training Center Reopens!

Hello SMAC,

We’ve changed the way CPARTC works.

  • Instead of having you go through a confusing sign up process, set time limits and all those stupid complications, we’re now having a simple form. No sign ups required. Just send in your posts for us to grade.
  • There’s more information on how to understand the CPARTC rubric.

Click here for CPARTC site.

Finding Stuff to Post About | SMAC Site Network Under Renovation

A few topics to talk about today, so here we go.
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SMAC Quality Check Week

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Exporting Our Talent

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CPWI’s First Tournament

Large armies, click here for CPWI’s September Showdown tournament!


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