Chat: Good or Bad?

Hey SMAC Fans,

Many people in CP Armies love to hang out on chat and talk, hang out, watch videos, etc. This is l all good; nothing bad about it. But what happens when things go a little out of hand?

Today I’m going to be discussing the pros and cons of chats. Personally, I love going on chat. You can talk to people you know in the CPA world and just have fun, relax, and collect thoughts. Chat backgrounds are often elaborately decorated, people are usually normal and nice, and moderators and owners hopefully fulfill their role to keep chat safe and fun.

But what happens when things go wrong? Here’s an example (hypothetical). Troops from a random army were happily chatting on their chat. Everyone is happy and excited. Then, one troops insults another. At first, it is a joke. The joke is taken too seriously. A fight breaks out. People hurls insults at each other. The owners online are too weak to stop the fight. The fight carries on. Chat turns into havoc. Then after about 15-20 minutes or arguing, insulting, swearing, etc. The fight ends and one, two, or more troops quit. The army is then weakened by the loss of one or multiple active troops.

Here is an example of when an army chat is managed properly (also hypothetical). Troops from a random army are happily chatting on their chat. Troops are sharing news, fun videos, etc. Everyone is having fun. Then a troop insults another troop as a joke. A fight breaks out. A moderator or owner on chat immediately kicks them. The troops continue fighting. The owner or moderator then bans them. The fighting immediately ceases. The troops go back to what they were doing and the two fighters wait until their time is done.

As you can see, the second scenario is much better. However, the ideal scenario is for everyone to just get along. If everyone would just get along, there would be no need for banning or kicking. Chat fighting is really never a problem for Large Armies because one or two troops are not the valuable and banning is not big deal for the mods and owners there. The real question is, are chats worth it for small-medium armies? Many people would say yes. Some leaders would say no. I’m going to leave it up for you to decide.

And that wraps up today. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post.

~Pungy1234 SMAC Reporter


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