A sad day

Today, our good friend Juju has died. I suggest we cancel ALL events for today, and maybe even the next week. Comment with your favorite memory of her on this post. (Exerpt from down below)

This post is for JujuFlower- one of CP warfares best people- and closest friends.

Today early this morning- Jules Thomas died of shock in the Hospital. She had pancreatic cancer for a year and a half- giving her a low chance of survival. About 2 days ago she was sent to the hospital for the last days of her life. She was given 8 days to live. She lasted 2. Next event we have I want everyone to wear something Purple in honor of her.

Read her facebook here—–> Jules Thomas | Facebook

Read the ACP memorial of her here—->

If you aren’t in ACP- you probably didn’t know her. She was a gift to society- an angel from heaven. Take a moment of silence for her.


Confusing War

A couple days ago, the Lightning Warfare declared war on the Platinum Warriors, both borderline medium armies. It came suddenly, and I can see no reason for the war. Maybe Lightning Warfare thought whoever won would get a part in the medium top ten.

The invasion post by Lightning Warfare was interesting because it did not even have a date for the battles, only times, and the server; South Pole, and they did not follow the 24 hour rule which makes the invasion invalid. That is why Platinum Warriors did not post in the invasion on their site. There are no comments on the invasion post by Lightning Warfare.

Below is a picture of the invasion post by LW

 If Lightning Warfare wants to invade South Pole, they should follow the 24 hour rule. The Platinum Warriors have 2 events, one is with Rebel Penguin Federation, and the other event is them going to claim a server that is not owned by anyone.  Lightning Warfare has been doing pretty well lately. On July 26, they got around 7, which  is pretty good.

I think that if this war starts, I think that the Lightning Warfare would win after a long war. These armies get around 7, and they are both capable of maxing 10. Each battle will be close and there would probably be some arguing over which army would win. I give the Lightning Warfare the slight advantage, because they used to be a medium army, maxing 15 once.  This would be a very interesting war, and it would be a hard fought war.


This is one of my first posts, so don’t criticize me too much!

Top Ten Small- 31/7/11


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Server Update

It is that time again, here comes another Server Update! To submit your army, please answer the questions at the bottom of the post and we will add your army to this list! Anyway, here is the current page:

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LT vs. Elites—YOU decide.

Before you say “OH LSUND! ELITES ARE MAJOR, PLUS YOU’RE IN THEM!!!! BIASZED!11LMGMFA” remember that LT is considered medium. And as to the biased part, I will show pictures from BOTH sites, and have a poll to let you decide.
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Army in Focus: Snow Fighters

There was once a no-named small and insufficient army who lurked in the shadows, dusk, and gloom watching as the armies around them flourished to a larger status; while this army just sat and laughed, knowing what they could accomplish but choosing to not display it……until now. The Snow Fighters recently emerged from the dust, and made a name for themselves while doing so.

Not to long ago, hardly anybody knew about the Snow Fighters, I have never heard of them myself actually. This wondrous army is led by Dan and Youg. Believe it or not, they began like every large army today has, small. As I see it, if their results keep up, they will be in the top 10 sometime in the near future. Now, look at the pictures and watch as the size of the Snow Fighters steadily grow to the massive size they have successfully acquired to this day. All of the following pictures, are in order from earlier dates to now. Enjoy.

There are many more pictures as well but I chose to display the pictures that would best show their massive growth in size and tactics. This army is incredible and reminds me of my own army, the Golden Troops. As long as they keep up what they are doing now, they will be in the top 10 in no time.

Until then, I’ll catch you guys later.

~Riotors! Fresh GFX

The Legend Is Back

Kool Edit: Piper, you’re back.

That’s right mah Niggyo. I the famous legendary Piper is back. I am here to be a reporter. I have not been comfirmed by any staff member here. But it’s confirmed by me. I’m sorry for any typos as I’m on a European computer. Now down to buissness.

I would like to ask Kool for a spot back on the team. Please let it be reporter. I promise to be active and everything more. I should hope for you to accept this offer.