Beginning of a New Era: The SMAC-SMAP Merger

Hello SMAC readers,

Throughout our history, SMAC has always been dedicated to one single mission. We have always strived to be a news site that serves the small and medium army community to the best of its abilities. We are a site powered by the vision to be run by the small and medium community, and for the small and medium community. Continue reading


Celebrating Five Years of SM Army Central

KLONDIKE, SMAC Headquarters- Today, SM Army Central is officially celebrating our 5th anniversary since our founding.  Continue reading

SMAC is Back! – An Infographic

SMAC has for a long time been a news site at the center of small and medium armies. We’re here to report news, to hold events, to serve the small and medium army community. Although in recent times SMAC has not always been at the top of our game, the staff are now willing to commit ourselves to once again doing the best job we can of serving you, the reader. SMAC is Back! I’s time for us to re-examine SMAC. What do we do? What is our mission? What is our history, and what are our values. The following infographic is exactly that: a new evaluation of what SMAC is.

Click here for full-size infographic, or click ‘Continue Reading’ for an embedded version.

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SMAC Adspace

A quick statement regarding our adspace. Although for some reason SMAC’s adspace pricing has disappeared, we’ve now reopened our adspace. The prices will be 85 xats per month , and 230 xats per three months. However, we will also be willing to offer discounts that could slash down that price by nearly half. Please contact Splasher99 (316147271), Wyoskyguy (1097210270) or Berbatov (1453129324) for more details.

Air Force Conquers Snowy River from Golds

SNOWY RIVER, Air Force Empire- The Air Force of CP recently declared war on the Golds and, in the first battle of the war, conquered the server Snowy River from the Golds. Continue reading

My Return | Upcoming Changes | Note to Staff

Greetings, SMAC. In this post I’ll be talking about my temporary return to SMAC, some of the changes that will be coming to the site and also a short note to all the SMAC members of staff. This post is going to be largely about SMAC’s administration, so if you’re a reader who can’t care less for anything other than news, feel free to skip this post; if you do care about how SMAC is run, then by all means continue reading. Continue reading

Regarding the Opening of MAC

Hello SMAC,

Recently Lord Mine Turtle has announced the opening of ‘Major Army Central’, and there are claims that SMAC has opened MAC as a large army counterpart to SMAC. As the chairman of SMAC’s Board of Directors, I would like to deny any such claims. This is to be regarded as an individual act of Turtle and does not have any relation to SMAC.

SMAC Staff, please check the Staff Site.