SMAC Winter Warfare: Semi-Final Times

UPDATE: Due to Freedom Fighters merging into Water Vikings, Redemption Force have been given an automatic bye into the Finals!

With only 4 armies remaining in Winter Warfare, the pressure is on and we are one week away from the large Finals. Which two armies will successfully book their spot in the Finals?

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [22/02/15]

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KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- As SMAC’s Winter Warfare rages on, we see four new additions to this week’s Top Ten including a now former major army.

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Administration Changes in SM Army Central

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Fire Warriors Burning Through the Top 10

FW header

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Rocky Road, FW Capital – Rising from their ashes, the legendary Fire Warriors (formerly known as Roman Fire Warriors) have returned once again.  In a shocking turn of events, the Fire Warriors have found themselves as the fourth largest Small/Medium army in our top 10.

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Water Ninjas Return

Cold Front, Water Ninjas Capital – Water Ninjas were a well known army in the Small/Medium and Major army community but died after getting 1st on SMAC.  Have they reopened?  Read on for more details.

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New Army ~ Meta Force/Cheating?

Sub Zero, Battlefield- Meta Force, one of the newest armies in this community, has been caught multilogging. Read more for proof!

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The Striking Raiders Pass Away

TUNDRA, SR Former Capital- After a great run of dominance, the Striking Raiders join many other legendary armies in the CP army graveyard. Continue reading

Shadow Reacon vs Rockstars Ceasefire

AURORA, Shadow Reacon Empire- In a few war events, today the Shadow Reacon defeated Rockstars, concluding that they have won most of the battles and ending the war with a score of 5-1-1. According to the SRA leaders, this war was made with the purpose of making Shadow Reacon a bigger army, gaining servers from enemies. Here we are going to review the biggest battles between these two armies and an overview of the ceasifire from Shadow Reacon.

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