SMAC Spring Supremacy – Quarter Final Times


Hello readers. Here we are, the quarter finals. Let’s hope that this round of battles is as promising as it looks on paper! Here are the times and the information you need to know…

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Complete Redesign


Almost finished, just have to create a few more widgets, experiment with some colors, customs (A LOT) and make the header. As you can see, I went with a very newspaper/Club Penguin Times-esque theme, simple and clean. Planning on brightening up with colors from the customs I am making.

However, leave a comment on what you believe the main color should be (red, green, blue, yellow, etc). Thanks.

Estimated Date of Finish: Friday, April 11th


Hey, Dx here.

I’ll be redesigning SMAC’s site, this includes brand new graphics and a customized CSS. I hope to have everything done before the next Top Ten so please bear with the ongoing changes throughout the week, thanks.

Legends – How They Earn Their Title

Many of you will know a legend in this community. If you don’t know one, you’d of seen one. You also see hopefuls trying to earn the legend status. But there are always questions to go with it. Who, how, and why.

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Global Defenders Declare War on Soda Pop Army

Update: Chaos have joined GD against this war.  Maybe we will make a full cofrevage on the battle of GD vs. SPA of Cream Soda @ 7 PM EST.

This is a developing story. More will be added later.

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Quiet Death of Pizza Republic

Hypothermia, Pizza Republic Empire- After the miserable defeat to Metal Warriors in the SMAC Spring Supremacy tournament, Pizza Republic have been declared dead by Sam and Arceus1296. Continue reading

SMAC Spring Supremacy Round 1 Results

Hello readers. This post was out late due to private issues, and for that I apologise. Bep and I have also decided to change the layout of this tournament so that we will progress straight to the quarter-finals for round 2. Read on for the explanation…

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Panty Raiders Return

Panty Raiders. Two words that caused fear and unrest in the army community a little while ago. But why were they such a strong force when their name was commonly confused with Pantry Raiders, leading many to believe they were fat nerds who sat around eating Maccas? Will their recreation bring success?

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VinDaily Retirement

Toboggan, AR Capital - After many drops in the SMAC Top Ten, AR, a former major army, now has only two leaders. The VinDaily (Vinny and Burr) leadership has come to an end.

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