SMA Central Top Ten Armies [29/11/15]

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – With the majority of last week’s entries falling out of the Top Ten entirely, we only view one army from last week remain. As well as this, a returning army claims the top spot.

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SMA Central’s Birthday Extravaganza

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – To commemorate November 28th, our current Chief Executive Officer’s birthday, SMAC will be holding an event specifically for our viewers to celebrate this joyous occasion as a community.

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Light Workers Welcome Their First AUSIA Leader

Caribou, Light Workers Nation – An army that has proved their ardency and perseverance within the SM Army community now announce the inauguration of their first AUSIA leader. Will the Light Workers, under Shaktimaan5’s leadership, be able to construct a thriving AUSIA division to complement their flourishing UK – or will their aspirations ultimately render futile?

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [22/11/15]

 Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – As we see, once again, many of last weeks’ armies falling from the rankings, we also witness numerous armies entering, all from the same creator.

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Light Workers Deface Following Closure

Caribou, Former Light Workers Nation – Witnessing yet another deface inside of the SM community, it appears that the Light Workers have fallen as the latest victims. With this epidemic proving to be a growing issue, we are left unaware of who will be the next victims, or when the next attack will strike. Continue reading

SMA Central Top Ten Armies [15/11/15]

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – With last week’s number one falling completely out of our Top Ten, we see numerous new and returning armies filling up the rankings.

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The New Illuminazi Order – Return of Illuminazi Tits of War

Canoe, iTiTs Nation – After the tragic end of their third generation back in May, the bizarre and infamous army -Illuminazi Tits of War – have returned to the community for what they are calling “The Fourth Reich”. Continue reading


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