SMA Central Top Ten Armies [04/10/15]

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – With no armies appearing to have made an improvement this week, we see another returning army claiming that top spot. Alongside this, we also have a non-mover from last week remaining inside of our top three.

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Matricz Stuck Within the Maze

Zipline, Matricz’ Labyrinth – All armies, at some point, experience a multitude of obstacles, the Matricz being one of them. In a twist of mazes, Flynn, one of the leaders stated that the army was merging into the Special Weapons and Tactics. However, Ash, another one of the commanders, disagreed with this decision, and thus the army spiraled into an argument that could either make or break the army.

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Dauntless Army Put Their Bravery to the Test

Yeti, Dauntless’ Headquarters – After the leaving of their main leader, the DA have found themselves unable to function properly without the guidance of their prominent figure. Although some troops have tried to take control, the results have only ended disastrously for the army. Will they be able to recover – or does this signify the last stand of the once impenetrable wall?

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Brigade3 Enters Retirement

Frozen, COBRA’s Capital – Following what many will call one of the most successful summers seen in a while from an army, and after being able to continue on through the school depression, the Club Penguin COBRA say goodbye to their re-creator and leader, Brigade3.

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Pink Ninjas Enter Lock Down

Walrus, Pink Ninjas’ capital – Despite being one of the largest competitors throughout the community just before the summer period, the Pink Ninjas have already entered lock down after just a few days, with their attempt of a return appearing futile. What does this mean for the future of the army?

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United Troops Reunite

Unknown Territory, United Troops – After an argument several months ago, the UT had become disunited from several disagreements. Now, however, they have joined hands once more with the hope that they can establish what had once been a dream – into reality.

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SMAC Investigates: Snow Ninjas – A Chilling Secret?

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Capital – In the pursuit of becoming the top army, many succumb into various alluring traps with one sole goal in mind – to exaggerate the army’s sizes. A recent turn in events has once again brought the Snow Ninjas into the spotlight of multilogging accusations. The edition of SMAC Investigates delves into the allegations against the Snow Ninjas – and how the once prominent S/M army will flare in light of their tarnished image.

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