SMA Central Top Ten Armies [28/09/14]

KLONDIKE, SMAC Headquarters- This week easily holds one of the most interesting top tens we have seen in a while, as a new army snatches the top spot and the majority of armies in the Top Ten rising by at least one spot. Please read on for this week’s SMAC Top Ten.

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On the Rise: Shadow Reacon of CP

AURORA, Shadow Reacon Territory- Just yesterday, an army was created by the well-known Small and Medium army leader, Delirious. After having a decent first event, do they have a bright future ahead of them?

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BREAKING NEWS: Teutons Declare War On Chaos

North Pole, Teutonic Territory- Teutons, an army that has been in the major top ten for 3 weeks, now have made a absorbing decision to declare war on Chaos. Who will be victorious in this captivating war?

This is a breaking news post and SMAC exclusive . Therefore, updates will be shown as more information is provided.

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The Water Troops Return

PINE NEEDLES, Water Troops’ Nation - After many weeks the Water Troops have yet again returned from the grave for a seventh generation. Read on for more about this promising revival.

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Pretzels – Ready to Rise?

Matterhorn, Pretzels’ Capitol –  After coming out of temporary lockdown just several days ago, the Pretzels are under a new leadership and are ready to rise.

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Army History- CP Crew

A once potent army, that took the community by its throat. The CP Crew have had an everlasting effect on Club Penguin Armies. Let us take a look of how it all started for the Crew.

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Frost Squad Deface Attempt

ICE POND, Frost Squad Territory- After an attempt by former AUS leader, Atticus, to bring Frost Squad back to its former glory, Frost Squad site mysteriously gets defaced and the creator is pointing his finger at Atticus.

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