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And here we are, after another deface, ready for a fresh start.

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Army of the Week

Hello readers. I wish to thank you all for your patience while we recover CSS and get new buttons for our pages, this will hopefully be sorted by the start of next week. However, one army in particular has caught some attention over the past week and therefore, earns themselves the title of Army of the Week here at SMAC.

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Army of the Republic Shut Down

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire-After being declared war upon by the rising Global Defenders recently and witnessing one of the biggest falls of this year, the Army of the Republic has been shut down.

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United Server Alliance

 Recently, a new type of alliance has been formed. This alliance is like no other because the circumstances are very rare. Read on to find out about this.

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We’re ready to launch

Update 12:02 AM EST – Legends and Leaders page have been restored thanks to an archived version of SMAC. Directory page now uses the old Armies page as a basis.

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Apology to Readers

Hello SMAC readers. My name is Grant and I was the first Head of Site for SMAC.

I know I rarely address readers as I have moved on with my life. But I remain the main admin on SMAC so if anything, like the travesty that occurred in the past few days, happens, I can take care of it.

It pains me that some unfortunate souls wish to take control of the site and exploit its publicity to spread their negativity resulting from teenage restlessness and ennui. I feel bad that some people are motivated to go to such lengths “just for kicks” or “just to ruin people’s days.” You can live whatever life you choose, but please do not force your negative ideologies on others and make an ass of yourself.

I hope that the CP Army community can move to higher standards of respect.

And for the readers, I am very sorry that the site was down for a couple days. I would have handled it sooner, but I was on vacation in a place with no Internet. Hopefully everything can be restored, and our site can get back on track.

Much love—

SMAC Top 10

There is a new top 10 due to Turtle’s being so close to SMAP’s top 10. Jodie who once again rejoined SMAC let me do this top 10 and discriptions will be up by no later than midnight PST.

With a busy week in armies coming to a close there are some slight adjustments in the rankings and one army makes its debut in our top 10 for the first time since august with sizes too small to not land themselves in our top ten. This is one top 10 you’ll surely love to read.

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