SM Army Central Top Ten Armies [19/10/14]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- As we near closer to the end of October another interesting Top Ten is released, and this time we see a former legendary small and medium army from the  appear in the top five and a handful of armies fall down the ranks of this week’s SMA Central Top Ten Armies.

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Striking Raiders Reopen

TUNDRA, SR Capital- The famous Striking Raiders have reopened after recently shutting down. Will they manage to achieve heights seen previous?
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Winter Troops Merge into Air Force

WINTER LAND, Winter Troops’ Empire- After making an impressive debut into the SMAC Top Ten this week the Winter Troops, in a surprising turn of events, have merged into the recently re-created Air Force.

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The Augmentation of Hot Sauce Empire

HALF PIPE, HSA Empire: As we roll up to the mid October we catch a glimse of another hypothetical SM army mounting high. I’m sure that you have all guessed which army it is. Yes, its the Hot Sauce Army! Lets reel of more about the pristine generation of HSA.
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Golds: The On-Going Struggle

Klondike,SMAC Headquarters- For months we have seen a Golds army that has made very little progression. The legendary power it once was is now reduced to an average Small/Medium Army. Since Lorenzo’s appointment as leader, the army has made no Top 5 appearances in the major rankings nor have they consistently defeated opponents in consecutive battles. Why might this be? READ ON TO DISCOVER WHY.

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SMAC Invasions Review #1 [ 12/10/14 - 18/10/14]

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters: Welcome to the first edition of SM Army Central Invasions Review. This is created by SMAC Team so that you all can keep your erudition streamlined about the latest invasions happening in SM Army Community. So here is the first ever- SMAC Invasions Review
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The Cloud Warriors Shut Down.

POLAR BEAR, CW Capital- Mere days after the retirement of their creator Sammie, the Cloud Warriors have shut down. Continue reading


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