Meet Our New Staff!


KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- Small Medium Army Central would like to welcome our new staff here.  We here at SMAC highly value our staff and our viewers both, without either party we would not exist.  Therefore, a big thank you to all who support us and all who applied.

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [22/03/15]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- This week beholds yet another interesting Top Ten, as a former major army takes the top spot and we see four new entrants to the Top Ten.

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SMA Central Legend Inductions Results

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- The public votes have been counted and the committee votes have been gathered, it is now time to announce the seven newly inducted legends.

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Leadership Changes at Shadow Reacon

Aurora, Striking Raiders Capital – An army that has been on the top of Small/Medium army top tens constantly, and even hitting the major army status occasionally, has one of their leaders Benimish retired which led to the promotion of Gordon to Shadow Reacon leadership. This is just a quick summary of the whole post. If you wish to further explore this matter, read on –

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Practice Battle In Review – Chaos vs. Golds

SNOW BOARD, Chaos Capital - With Chaos and Golds in a practice battle only about a week ago, according to the Chaos website, they had a practice battle yesterday.  Continue reading

Band’s Diary #2: Is Reality And Truth An Illusion?

Welcome everyone to the second installment of the philosophical series providing you with some fine philosophy that deals with the human races and the community as a whole. Today lets discuss on one of the philosophically mysterious questions in the human races and which universally applies for our community too. Today I want to talk about the deepness of reality and truth and scrutinize whether its an illusion or not…
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Into The Past Striking Raiders

TUNDRA, Former SR Nation, The former so-called top dogs of the Small/Medium Army World have had a smooth sail into the standings since over two years ago, However was it always so smooth? Today I shall be dissecting the history of the Striking Raiders and see just how they made their way from fame to shame.

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Shadow Troops Return

PARKA, Shadow Troops Empire – After a string of unsuccessful generations a leadership consisting of Zack, Cargo and Step plan to bring ST back. They have reached sizes of 10 in their first event and hope to continue this success. Will ST succeed or will it be another failed generation? Continue reading

Ways to Create an Army

SMAC headquarters – Klondike We all are pretty familiar with the current deteriorating condition of the S/M Army community. Hence, I, Flynn has decided to encourage all the young and talented troops out there to go and have a try at building new armies and trying your hardest in rising them. In this post, we shall discuss some absolutely basic elements we need to keep in mind in order to create an army. Continue reading

Integration of Fire Spartans into Ice Warriors

WHITE HOUSE, Fire Spartans Capital – Fire Spartans, another rising army close their doors in peace soon after they shocked the community with a sudden return merge into the legendary Ice Warriors. Will FS ever reopen? Click Read more to know more about there merge.  Continue reading


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