SMA Central End of Summer Awards Voting

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- It is that time of year again when some people are preparing to start the school year and the summer is coming to an end for the majority of us, and here at SMA Central we are hosting our annual end of summer awards where you, the viewers, get to cast your votes on our many different polls.

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And then there were the final two…

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SMAC Top Ten Armies [23/08/14]

KLONDIKE, SMAC HQ- As the SMAC-Down III almost comes to an end, so does the summer and we see another very interesting top ten released. The former #1 army is knocked from their spot as a certain army rises through the ranks to take the number one spot this week. Continue reading

Yoangelyo, Former AR and Chaos Leader, Retires

SNOWBOARD, Chaos Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Chaos Army’s US Leader, Yoangelyo has announced her retirement from Club Penguin Armies.

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Underground Mafias Army is Closed Temporarily

MITTENS- The historic army of the Underground Mafias Army  has been shut down for a short period of time by current Emperor Coolster114. What will this mean for the army? Continue reading

SMAC-Down III: Semi-Final Times

And then there were four.

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Water Troops Declare War on MW

UPDATE: WT has paired with Vikings and MW has paired with Striking Raiders in this war .

PINE NEEDLES, WT- After just coming out of a war, the Water Troops have declared war on the Metal Warriors . Let’s analyze the war and check out which army holds the edge in this exciting war.
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