SMA Central Top Ten Armies [23/11/14]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- This week be holds yet another exciting Top Ten as we see the return of two former S/M superpowers to our Top Ten. Please read on for this week’s SMA Central Top Ten Armies.

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How to make an Army name

KLONDLIKE, SMAC HQ- Struggling to think of an army name? The army’s name is the most important part of an army. This might just be the most significant step in creating an army- you can’t get it wrong. Read on for a quick and simple guide to creating an army’s name! Continue reading

Teutons: Are they back?

Update #1: Teutons 2nd Generation have merged into Light Troops.

North Pole, Teutons’ Capital: A new Teutons army have made their way back into our community of late. But, are they the real Teutons army? Let’s scrutinise and get down and brass the tacks, shall we?
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Shadow Reacon Merged Into Striking Raiders

AURORA, SR Capital: In a deplorable turn of events, the Shadow Reacon, an auduos SM Army, have came up with an appalling decision to merge with Striking Raider. Let’s take a look at this decision and also analyse the merge, shall we?
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Official Return of Son Nav

On Friday, November 21, a familiar face, in both the S/M army community, and our very own SMAC employee, Son Nav has returned. He announced on his personal WordPress blog, his official return. What has he done, and what are his plans now?

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Waffles45 Retires From the Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO, RPF Capital-  Long term leader and legend of the RPF, Waffles45, has decided to retire from the Rebel Penguin Federation.What brought up this sudden retirement and how will it affect RPF? Continue reading

Lightning Strikers Return

White Out, LS Capital- The famous Lighting Strikers have returned under the leadership of Walf Six, Tondrax, Brigade3, Harsh2 and Lights. What will this generation have in store for the community? Continue reading


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