Results of the Summer 2014 Legend Inductions

KLONDIKE, SMAC Headquarters- Apologies for the lateness of this, but we had to postpone it because we had some trouble re-assembling the committee but now the Legends Committee have made their votes, and along with the public vote, we can now announce who has been inducted to legend.

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 For the third time in our history SM Army Central are hosting the number one S/M tournament of the summer, SMAC-Down III.

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SMAC Top Ten Armies – 07/27/14

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters- Another week comes to a spellbinding end, the battle for glory continues. We see a variety of different armies enter and leave the community. SMAC brings you the Top Ten Armies of the week.

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Tax B Returns to the Golds

FLIPPERS –  The Gold’s Leader Tax B has come back from his leave to command the Golds in their war with the Air Force? What consequences will this have? Continue reading

Bluesockwa Warriors SMAC it?

Klondike, Blue Warriors Capital - The Bluesockwa Warriors have just formed, on July 21st, 2014.  They have reached SMAC, as of July 27th, 2014. Who are they, and what are they capable of? We will dig deeper into these Sock Warriors in this Blue post.

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Chaos Site Defaced || The Demise Of Chaos?

Klondike,SMAC Headquarters- News has erupted that the wordpress site of the Chaos army has been defaced by former leader Wyoskyguy. If this is true, why did he do this? Read on to find out!!

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The Elite Federals Caught Multilogging?

EDIT: The Elite Federals have shown that Ay12 was joking and that all the penguins in the pic were accounted for.

SLEET- The Elite Federals, a small army, have entered a scandal involving multilogging. Continue reading


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