Rockyiceman1 Declares Himself UMA Dictator

MITTENS- The Underground Mafias have been on a fall as of late. In a bid to get them more active again, Rockyiceman1 declared himself UMA dictator. What will this mean for UMA and the rest of the community? Continue reading

Water Ninjas to Return

Unclaimed Territory, Water Ninjas’ Nation- After experiencing a depression and being shut down at the beginning of last month, it has been announced that the Water Ninjas are set to return for a fifth generation.

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [13/09/14]

KLONDIKE, SMAC HQ- As the ‘September Drop’ continues for a lot of armies we see a lot of shifts in this week’s Top Ten as a number of armies drop from major standards into our Top Ten. Please read on for this week’s Top Ten Armies.

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Teutons Declare War on Toast Army

UPDATE, 9:40 am PST: Teutons are leading the war 4-0

NORTH POLE, Teutons Empire : The rising army, Teutons have declared war on The Toast Army. Let us analyse and take a look which army holds the edge in this war, shall we?

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SMA Central End of Summer Awards Results

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- The votes are in, the prestigious trophies have been made and it is now time to announce the winners of each category in this year’s SMA Central End of Summer Awards.

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Leadership changes in the Chaos Army

 SNOWBOARD, Chaos Capital- The Chaos Army, famous Small/Medium Army, have recently had changes in their leadership. What are these changes and how will they affect the community?
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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [07/09/14]

KLONDIKE, SMAC HQ- As the first week of September comes to a close, we see another exciting top ten released. This week we see a rather new army take the number one spot as well as the appearance of several armies who were not included last week. Please read on for this week’s small and medium Top Ten Armies!

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