Top Ten Armies of June 2015

KLONDIKE, SMA Central HQ- As Summer began for the majority of the community this month many armies returned and others experienced a rise, but who came out on top?

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [28/06/15]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – As many armies fall out of our Top Ten entirely this week, we also see a lot of new appearing throughout. With no major shifts in rankings and, once again, a returning army claiming the top spot, we see some significant changes throughout the Top 5.

Please Note: It is highly recommended by the SMA Central Staff for all of the S/M Armies to fill out the Top Ten Form in order to be a part of the upcoming Top Ten. 

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Summer @ SMAC 2015 || Introducing Staff Payment

That time of year is approaching again. The time of year when armies strive and sizes soar and just like previous years, SMAC have planned numerous upcoming events to take place during our annual ‘Summer @ SMAC’ scheme.

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Jack’s Departure From the Elites

Polar Bear, Elites Nation – After lots of success from the widely known Club Penguin army, their leader, Jack sadly leaves alongside Chainpro. What will this hold for the future of the Elites?

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Frigdo Retires from Army Republic // New Leadership Formed!

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Nation – After reaching 5th on our most recent Top Ten, Frigdo has announced his retirement from armies, but who will replace him? Continue reading to find out more!

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The Return of Federation Fear

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Federation Fear Capital – After being closed down by what was claimed to be forever by LeaderFear, the army which was originally brought to life in April 2015 has returned to the community.

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Air Force Declared Dead

Snowy River- Air Force Nation – After suffering two defaces in a short space of time, the Air Force appear to have crash landed after attempting to prolong their fuel for a short while after. But was this closure the right choice, will we see them in the future; or is this the end of their foretold legacy?

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Editorial: S/M Armies Being Ilegally Recreated

KLONDIKE, Luis’ Editorial Office – Recently, the Ninjas were brought back under a leadership that wasn’t approved by its creator, Pochoma123. This caused many armies to support him and, as a result, many fights has happened since then. But in the S/M army community, we have also seen legendary S/M armies being recreated yet, why do we let those people recreate them?
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Pretzels Returns – Fear The Salt

MATTERNHORN, Pretzels Capital – After being closed for many months now, Braveboy, Pretzels’ creator, has decided to reopen the army. With a new leadership conformed of former Pretzels leader and legends, Braveboy hopes to improve the army to the top on SMAC Top Ten and even reaching the big army top ten.
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