Regarding the Current Affects of the Club Penguin UK ONLY DDoS

 Update 6:20 PM UK: Club Penguin have recommended, in an email, to do the following steps:


SMAC Headquarters, Jodie’s Desk – Following numerous complaints from members in the community, it appears that armies may be suffering this week due to the lack of the whole UK division being down. To find out what is happening and any potential ways to fix this issue, continue reading.  Continue reading

Continental Cup II: Semi-Final Times

SMAC Trophy

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [05/24/15]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- As we approach closer to Summer a  relatively new army takes the top spot this week in a surprising set of rankings in this week’s Top Ten.

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Scientist returns to Whales

Update 6:53AM UK: It is possible that the death of Pranav, a respected Whales troop, could’ve faked his death and is on Xat helping out the Whales “as his brother”.

His name before I called him out on the matter

His name before I called him out on the matter

seems fishyseems fishy 2

Kosciuszko, Whales capital –After just 24 hours, Whales creator and current leader Scientist(also known as Flash), returns to the Whales for quite an unusual reason. Read on for more.

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Editorial – Legends

The Beach, Apollo’s Office – The topic of being a legend is on-going in the Club Penguin army community. Either being a legendary leader or legendary army, people want it. Why do people want the legend status, why do people work so hard for it? That will be answered in this post.

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Avengers of CP – Valid or… Invalid?

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Avengers Nation – After Baby Flor was removed from the Air Force by Zeer with the reasons of him being a traitor, Baby Flor has now decided to shine in another army but what should we call it: re-create or re-open?
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Puffle Attack Declares War on Nachos SS

RAINBOW, Puffle Attack Nation- Just today on the Puffle Attack website, they declared war on the Nacho SS. Read on for more on this story.

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Leadership Changes in Golds Army || Gtusds also Joins

Flippers, Golds Empire- The army currently ranked third on our Top Ten, The Golds Army, have recently undergone some major leadership changes. Their leader’s Antonio and Coke recently retired, giving Golds back to legends like Andrew24 and Whats up11. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Inside the Special Ops Multilogging Scandal

SMAC Headquarters – Jodie’s Desk – Following the recent rise of the Special Ops army, gaining 5th place in our most recent Top Ten, the army has possibly dug themselves a huge hole which they may not be able to climb back out of. After committing one of the most fatal “crimes” in this community, will there ever be a second chance for them?

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