SM Army Central Top Ten Armies [26/10/14]

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters- As we come closer to Halloween and bid a farewell to October, we see another beguiling week in the Small Medium Army Community with a variety of different armies featuring in this Top Ten. Continue Reading for this weeks SM Army Central Top Ten.

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Back To The Past: Shock Warriors

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters- Do any of you remember a really good army that always used to shock people with its superiority over a majority of Small Medium Armies? Well, I certainly do. Statistically, it has been 204 days since we saw the death of an army named Shock Warriors.

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Anarchists Army: Bringing The Anarchism?

Unspecified Territory, Anarchist Empire: Another army commences its life in the resplendent SM Army Community. This rising army is the Anarchists army of Club Penguin. Lets us read more about this army and take a look at this rising army.
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Return of the Lime Green Army

EDIT: More information was added about a former LIT. 

GREAT WHITE, LGA Capital- The LGA was once a well-known small/medium army in this community. Will they be able to rise back up to the sizes they once achieved?

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Deterioration of Rebel Penguin Federation; Are they Dying?

TUXEDO, RPF Capital: Once a resilient and dominant Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation has precipitously plunged into SM standards again. What’s the reason for their radical fall?

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Striking Raiders Reopen

TUNDRA, SR Capital- The famous Striking Raiders have reopened after recently shutting down. Will they manage to achieve heights seen previous?
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Winter Troops Merge into Air Force

WINTER LAND, Winter Troops’ Empire- After making an impressive debut into the SMAC Top Ten this week the Winter Troops, in a surprising turn of events, have merged into the recently re-created Air Force.

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