SMA Central Winter League – Final Times!

KLONDIKE, Winter League Battle field – After several weeks of armies clashing, fighting for their glory, we are down to just two armies. This weekend, we are going to see the battle of the winter.

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [31/01/16]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – With the first month of January going as fast as it came, we see the most successful week for the Small and Medium community in what could be months. Alongside drops from the major Top Ten, we also see numerous returning armies, as well as one fatal blow to a specific army. 

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Star Wars Army Chat Defaced – Again?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Star Wars Army Territory – It’s quite unfortunate to see another army suffer the fate of so many others. Badboy, SWAT legend, defaced SWA’s chat with the help of a leader. Defaces are far too common in the S/M army community and can have catastrophic results on the target army. Though most survive and move on, some armies will never bounce back from defaces.
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The Union of the Two Teams

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Team Luis’ Nation – As the mist clears and the confusion of battle diminishes, we see the two enemies who have previously fought against each other in an attempt to prove dominance now stand together, back to back. Since February 2nd, Team Luis and Team Robot have become allies, establishing a union between two conflicting powers that may significantly alter the S/M army history.
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Snow Ninjas – A Chilly Reopening?

BELLY SLIDE, Snow Ninjas Capital – In the midst of this wintry period, a recent turn in events has led to the return of an army particularly fitting for this season. The Snow Ninjas, having fallen into a period of hibernation last year, have once again announced their return under a reformed leadership in an attempt to finally establish their status within the community.

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SMA Central Winter League – Final Predictions!

KLONDIKE, SMA Central headquarters It’s the final countdown! I know the times haven’t been posted yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t predict who will win.

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Rovers Website Defaced

BEANIE, Rovers Empire – Recent events have been turning around the S/M army community, about the Rovers, a well-known army in the S/M army community, being defaced by a rather known figure in CP armies for leading armies such as SWAT and Air Force.
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Prime Opens Its Doors To The Community

BIG FOOT, Prime Empire – After a recent decrease on the amount of armies, we see many others open, and the Prime is one of these. Created by well-known individuals in the S/M army community, we will see if they are able to achieve success.

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