SMA Central Top Ten Armies [23/08/15]

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – With another new army claiming the top spot and with many falls throughout, who will be in the Top 5 this week?

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SMA Central Summer 2015 Legend Induction Results

Klondike, SMAC Headquarters- After weeks of public voting, public and committee votes have now been counted and it is time to reveal our new inducted legends.

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Marines Close Down

Unknown, Marines Nation – An army that looked like it had a promising future has already shut down and left the army community, but plans to come back in the near future. Is this the right decision for them?

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Return Of The Dark Bandits

Unknown, Dark Bandits Nation – Being away from the community for quite some time, the Dark Bandits have decided to come back for another run under the leadership of Gamerdude, Ares, Nitrohammer, Coqui and Dann.

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Redemption Force Merges into Dark Warriors

THERMAL, Redemption Force Capital – In the meandering journey all armies have to journey through to rise to the top, another former S/M power has recently decided to reopen their doors in an attempt to make name for themselves once more as a weekly contender of the Top 10. However, with summer drawing to a closure and competition becoming more aggressive than ever, the Redemption Force have, in truly unexpected turn in events, decided to merge into the Dark Warriors and end their briefly ignited generation.

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Redemption Force Leadership Changes

Thermal, Redemption Force Capital – With the newly resurrected Redemption Force already undergoing leadership changes, will we be seeing some major changes throughout the army?

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Redeption Force Declares War on the Returning Guardian Penguins

Klondike, SMA Central Headquarters – With the Guardian Penguins’ return announced, a void war being declared, is this really the start of an era that both the Redemption Force and Guardian Penguins were hoping for?

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Cobras Face Leadership Changes

Frozen, Cobras’ Capital– Cobra’s have now made a new addition to their leadership and have also taken the time to remove some people from the leadership. Will this move from Cobras be beneficial or will it backfire?

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Silver Surfers Transfer 13 Servers To Ice Warriors; Antonio960 Retires From Club Penguin Armies

Big Surf, Silver Surfers- Antonio960, former Silver Surfers Leader, has decided to transfer 13 of their servers to Ice Warriors and has also decided to retire from Club Penguin Armies? Will the army suffer from this retirement and were the server transfers a good idea?

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