SM Army Central Top Ten Armies [25/01/15]

KLODNIKE, SMA Central Headquarters- This week beholds the most shocking Top Tens of 2015 so far, as we see a former world power army drop down to our Top Ten.

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Why Are We So Wrapped Up in This Community?

KLONDLIKE, SMAC Offices- Everyone in this community, is in it for a reason. Even if it is a silly one or one not many understand everyone has their reasoning to stay in the ‘CP Army World’. When we lose this reason/s we leave the community. But what are the common reasons and why hasn’t everyone packed up and left already? Continue reading

[EDITORIAL] The History Of Our Irresolute Community And The Reason For This Irresolution

KLONDIKE, Bandage’s Office: Just as people change in their course of life, I am sure even YOU must have exexperienced a personality and mental changes from when you were a baby to your teenage. Ever so we have joined this beloved community, whether its back in 2007 or pretty much couple of months ago, the community has undergone drastic changes. Today let’s take a look how was our community 7 years ago.
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Army of the Week: Elite Federals

ZIPLINE, EF Main Dojo- One of the most consistent armies on our top ten, the Elite Federals, have been on a rise as of late. With new leaders and amazing new sizes, they are this week’s Army of the Week. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Moon Warriors head to lock down

Klondike, Gordon’s office- Today, I have uncovered shocking news as Moon Warriors head into lock down. Lets examine why they could have possibly done this when they was on a shocking streak!

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Cherries Temporarily Merge into Omegas

BREEZE, Omegas Co-Capital- In a surprising move the Cherries, a fast rising army, merged into the newly created Omegas army. Why have they done this, and what will this mean for the two armies? Continue reading

Investigating Shamrock Mafia, Possible Multilog

Update @ 10:30pm EST 1/21 – Shamrock posted two new photos for their newest event.  Both photos show chat bar lines resulting in no names being viewable.  They have since added a “chat” after the accusation took place.

Snowbound, Shamrock Mafia Capital – A new army was recently announced into the Club Penguin army community.  Not long after their first announcement, the Shamrock Mafia’s have already been suspected of possible cheating by multilogging or bot use.  The SM Army Central team is now investigating the Shamrock Mafias.  All secrets will be revealed, all lies will be proven to be false.  As of now, the army is not guilty as all armies are innocent until proven guilty.

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