SMA Central Top Ten Armies [25/09/16]

 KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – This week we see a mass of new armies take over the top ten but with a CPAC army dropping down into the realms of the S/M Top Ten.

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SM Army Central Invasions Review 9/19/16 – 9/25/16

KLONDIKE, SM Army Central’s Headquarters – As September heads into its final week, we see a major army shut down, a few wars starting to ignite, and in terms of the supposed September Drop still in effect, the activity in the community is still better than normally expected.

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Leeds United Army Declares War On Golds

FLIPPERS, Leeds United Army’s Nation –  After the Golds Army decided to invade their allies, the Teutons, for more land, the Leeds United Army has declared war on the Golds, promising to bring the ‘backstabbers’ to justice and kill the army. Continue reading

The Illuminazi Tits of War Return To The Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, The Illuminazi Tits of War’s Nation – With school in full swing and many people engulfed with studying, many armies have managed to break through the “September Drop” and establish themselves as a consistent army. With association to being a troll army, the Illuminazi Tits Of War have returned into the community.

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Robotic Dragons Returns

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Robotic Dragons’ Territory – Just shortly after the death of the Robotic Dragons of Club Penguin, they decided to once again return to the S/M army community with the other armies who have also returned from the grave or the armies who have been just created.

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Cheddars of CP – The New Army in Town

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Cheddars’ Nation – We once find ourselves in a community that is slowly dying, but we have found an army that can hopefully add some motivation and joy to the army world- It’s an army that is based on cheese, it’s the Cheddars Of CP.

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Penguins of CP & Blue Troops Declare War on the Wild Ninjas

BLIZZARD, Penguins of Club Penguin’s Nation – Just a few days after the creation of the Penguins of Club Penguin in an unexpected turn of events they decided to declare war on the Wild Ninjas with their brother ally, the Blue Troops. How will this war end? Let’s get a closer look into this exclusive topic.

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