SMA Central Top Ten Armies [16/10/16]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – Several armies went inactive this week, but those who remained improved their scores.  Continue reading

Week in Review 09/10/16 – 16/10/16

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – This week, felt like a dead week since not so many armies had lots of events this week and the top ten this week included five armies. Last week was an action-packed week with all armies holding events all over the place but this week, armies just went back into their graves.  Continue reading

Great British Army Enters the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Great British Army Nation – The spooky holiday, Halloween is coming soon and armies return from their spooky graves or armies like the Great British Army are created to help defend the island of Club Penguin during this spooky time of the year.

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SM Army Central Invasions Review [10-3-16/10-9-16]

KLONDIKE, SM Army Central’s Headquarters – This week, we see a full blown war break out between two medium armies and several battles, alongside a few other armies joining in the action, although not enough to affect any ongoing wars. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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Week in Review 02/10/16 – 09/10/16

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – This week, we saw some new armies and some familiar armies that have returned from their grave to fight other armies again. This week was packed with events from all armies.

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SMA Central Top Ten Armies [09/10/16]

 KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – This week brings a plethora of new armies to the community. Also, we see a SMAC favourite dropping down into the bottom of the Top Ten.

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Thugs Of CP Fight Their Way Into The Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Thugs Of CP’s Nation – With many CPA soldiers getting spare time, most of them have decided to return to the community or create a new army, all with the goals that they can create something good. One of these armies is the Thugs Of CP who have goals to become as successful as possible.

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