SMA Central Top Ten Armies [21/08/16]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – As we enter mid August, we see numerous new armies entering our Top Ten, filling it entirely.

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SMA Central Graphics Tournament [FINALS]

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – With just 2 of our original 16 contestants left in the competition, it’s time to announce who the two battling it out for the best designer in the community are.


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Army Community Extermination Theory

KLONDIKE, SMA Central Headquarters – Ten years of CP, a little over 8 years of the Club Penguin army community, a few years of intense rivalry between the two. After so many bans and kicks from moderators to us, they’ll probably take things into desperate measures.  Continue reading

DJ Army Return To Party In The Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, DJ Army’s Nation – With the summer holidays drawing to a conclusion, many armies have chosen this period to construct a foundation, hoping that the foundation is sturdy enough to continue their generation. Amongst armies who have chosen this time to develop their forces are the DJ Army but will they manage to construct their foundation before the summer holiday ends.

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SM Army Central Invasions Review [8-15/8-21]

KLONDIKE, SM Army Central’s Headquarters – Another week, another plethora of wars, invasions, and many more things that keep our precious community running smoothly. It’s that time again, the time we recap the week and go over the wars and invasions that have occurred through the week. 

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Mighty Ducks Enter the Community

SNOW GLOBE, Mighty Ducks’ Nation – The summer is coming to an end and school is near and armies like the Mighty Ducks have been created with hope to defeat all the other armies and to conquer the community.

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Teutons of CP Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Teutons’ Nation – After shutting down in September last year with the “retirement” of Brigade3, the Teutons have been quiet for almost a year. When out of nowhere, a post appeared on the Teutons website stating that the army was to be recreated and led by the very “retiree” himself. It seems that the next generation of the Teutons has begun, following the leadership combo of Llywelyn and Brigade3.

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Defenders of Penguins Returns

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Defenders of Penguins’ Territory – For some people, school is here already or someday this week and armies like the Defenders of Penguin return to prove to everyone in the community that they are the best. Continue reading


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